Before the End of the Year – Gateway South’s New Building!

GATEWAY SOUTH – Our New Place!

We have less than 8 Sundays left before we move!
Because of your generosity, we are moving in the new year to 6800 West Gate Blvd., Suite 120 78745! So far, we have given or pledged just over $1,000,000 towards our new home!
Now, our challenge is that we have $350,000 more we want to pledge towards this project by the end of this month so that we can complete the build out without having to go into debt!
With $350,000 pledged, we can also buy new equipment and pass along all of our equipment to our team starting our new Gateway Central Campus!

We believe that if everyone who calls Gateway South their church home gave something, we would have all we need!

If Gateway South is your church home, consider how God may want you to give beyond what you are already giving.
If all who attend on Sundays gave $20 per week for the next 15 months, we would have over $350,000!
  • Some of us may be led by God to give just $1 per week.
  • Others of us may be led to give far more per week or in a one time gift.
  • Some will sense God leading you to fulfill your current pledge sooner than you planned.

This is not about equal amounts. This is about equal sacrifice!

In our new place, our prayer is that:
  • Children will discover a relationship with Jesus and grow up and choose a different path than their parents did – avoiding some of the same pitfalls and pain and heartache.
  • Teens will learn to hear God’s voice.
  • College students and young adults will discover their calling.
  • Adults will discover life and freedom in Jesus like they’ve never experienced before and bring that life and freedom to their neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends!
To help you as you pray about your involvement, check out the following:
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