Not Like Me – Group Discount Offer

In our world, we must learn to reach and disciple people who look differently, make different moral choices, or come from different religious backgrounds.

Not Like Me is a field guide for influencing our diverse world.


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For A Small Group or Staff Team

If you order 10 copies or more for your leadership team or small group, you can receive the books at $10 each (which $4.99 off the cover price) and FREE SHIPPING.

For A Sermon Series

To order enough copies for your entire church or for a sermon series (50 copies or more), email me to work out an even more discounted rate.

For discounted copies of Not Like Me, send me an email with “Not Like Me Discount” as the subject , the number of books you would like to order, and your U.S. mailing address in the body of the email to

From the Foreword

“Not Like Me is Saving Private Ryan meets Nacho Libre! Eric calls us to a heroic mission and at the same time exposes our flawed humanity. He tackles one of the most critical and complex issues of our time and brings it down to earth and keeps us grounded in reality. It’s quite a gift to force us to face such uncomfortable and serious issues and at the same time keep us laughing. Somebody needed to write this book; I am grateful Eric did. We will all be better for it. Thank you, Eric, for awakening in us a love that knows no boundaries.”

Erwin McManus, author, futurist, lead pastor of Mosaic

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