Not Like Me Sermon Series!

Choose Not Like Me as a sermon series!

  • Wanting to do a sermon series dealing with politics, ethnicity, immigration, or resolving conflict this summer or fall?
  • Wanting to reach people who would not normally come on a Sunday morning?
  • Wanting to mobilize your people to reach out to their neighbors and co-workers?
  • Just wanting 6 weeks of great material you don’t have to create on your own?!


You can purchase 30 copies of Not Like Me PLUS the resources below for $250 (taxes and shipping included)!

The books alone are worth $450!

To order more than 30 books or to find out more about doing this sermon series, email if interested in this sermon series!

Sermon Series Description:

Politics, race, ethnicity, religion, social class – so much seems to divide us.

How can we possibly love where we live when we are surrounded with people who hurt us, come from a different background, believe differently or vote differently than we do?

Rather than a threat, our diverse world gives us a great opportunity!

Discover how we can become agents of change building bridges to create a new future that connects to God’s heart.

Series Schedule Options for Not Like Me:

  • A Love Greater Than Politics 
  • A Love Greater Than Ethnicity
  • A Love Greater Than Religion 
  • A Love Greater Than Social Class
  • A Love Greater Than Morality
  • A Love Greater Than Conflict


  1. Message Manuscripts
  2. Small Group Materials (4 week and 6 week options)
  3. Worship Songs, Secular Songs, Videos, and Art Piece Recommendations
  4. Ideas for throwing neighborhood parties
  • Jen

    What an awesome resource. We have been blessed with you as our pastor and appreciate your courageous faith.

    Praying for you, Deb and the family. <3

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