Soul Revolution Message Series

Here are many resources for a series through John Burke‘s book Soul Revolution!
Sunday message notes:
Sunday message promo and testimonial videos:
Small Group and 60/60 Materials:
  • Leaders Guide (the group facilitator needs one copy of this)
  • Guide for Running Partners in Small Groups (each member of your group will need a copy of this for when they meet in Running Partners – see schedule below)
  • Since some groups will include people who are going to just show up, some who are just listening to the messages on Sunday, and some that are reading through the Soul Revolution book, I like to ask the following questions as part of a group to honor those who took the time to read or listen to the message:
    • What other insights did you gain from the message on Sunday?
    • What other insights did you gain from the chapter(s) you read this week?
    • What are you going to do differently as a result of what you are discovering?
  • **Practical advice about doing the 60-60 experiment
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