A Life Changing Phone Call

A spiritual analogy I shared in the message called Undone

Last Friday night, a young man from Houston got a phone call that changed his life. He has been a construction science major with plans to work in the construction industry after graduating from Texas A&M. His internship included the stadium remodeling project.

On Friday night, he got a phone call that changed everything. He said he was sitting with some friends and family watching tv when the phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number. In fact, he was afraid it might be a bill collector, but he answered anyway.

It was John Schneider – not the one from the Dukes of Hazzard or Smallville but the General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks. He asked Germain if he wanted to be a Seattle Seahawk. A friend recorded his response to the phone call.

From construction to a multi-million dollar NFL contract. While studying construction science, Germain played football for the Aggies. He didn’t just work as an intern on the remodel at Kyle field, he played on Kyle Field.

I believe God’s love for you and plans for you are so much bigger than what you could ever ask or imagine.

You don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest or the fastest or the smartest. You just have to say “yes.”

The phone is ringing – you can feel your heart racing a bit faster, but you are assuming it’s a bill collector.

Why not say “yes”?


  • Billie Korstad

    I loved this story! Opens up the spiritual vision – nothing is impossible with God!!!! Who’d a thunk?!!!!!

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