A Panel Discussion on Ethnicity

Along with 300 plus churches in the Austin area, Gateway Church in Austin began a series called “Love Where You Live.” Tasha Morrison and I (along with a panel) spoke on “A Love Greater Than Ethnicity.”

Check out the message video and notes here:

A Love Greater Than Ethnicity

Check out the Next Steps here:

Next Steps – A Love Greater Than Ethnicity

Check out the panel discussion here:

Some of the questions included the following:

  • Did your family discuss race while you were growing up?
  • Why does building deep friendships of different ethnicities matter?
  • Why do we find it difficult to cross racial lines and connect with others unlike us?
  • What role does faith play in your view on race?
  • What challenges or fears have you faced that prevents you from reaching out to someone racially different?
  • What hope do you see for the church and our country when we decide step out of our comfort zones and get to know others that are racially different?
  • How can we foster racial diversity in our personal lives uniquely as women or as men?

Ethnicity Panel Short Version from GatewayFilm on Vimeo.

  • Edward Reyes

    I believe building different relationships from different cultures matter because it prepares you for the differences you will encounter on a day to day. It won’t be a surprise and you learn other people’s way of life and perspective and why there is a difference between others and you.

    Afraid of change and the unknown affect those who are basically not use to participating. Domino affect.

    Mankind has always fallen into molds of comfort and for security reasons because the risk are high enough already it has become a way of life.
    Cookie cutter generations are safer for the whole family.
    Why not stay in your box?

    Until the day like today arrives.
    Now you cannot get away from it. It’s everywhere, And this unfinished conversation is only making things worse.

    Then, you decide to step out but where do you start? Who do you trust? Where will you find the healthiest way to get this done?
    Who’s right, whose wrong?

    I believe the job is plenty and to start somewhere is as important as finishing.

    I would like to know what does getting along look like?

    *Great Job on this panel and keep them coming.

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