Not Like Me Sermon Series Resources

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Choose Not Like Me as a sermon series!

  • Wanting to do a sermon series dealing with politics, ethnicity, immigration, or resolving conflict this fall or in the new year?
  • Wanting to reach people who would not normally come on a Sunday morning?
  • Wanting to mobilize your people to reach out to their neighbors and co-workers?
  • Just wanting 6 weeks of great material you don’t have to create on your own?!

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Here are some resources from Gateway Church in Austin to help you in doing this series:

Week One
Politics Bumper Video (Can be sent to you. Email me at
Politics in the Movies Video (Can be sent to you. Email me at
Week Two
Racial Embrace Poem by James Wilson
Week Three
A Love Greater Than Religion (message I shared)
Week Four
Offenses Bumper Video (starts at 31:23 here)

Take a look at more messages (transcripts, audio links, video links) here:

The small groups have gone 4 different ways:

1. and 2. Four and five week options are found here:

3. Some churches encourage their small groups to read through the book and do the questions at the end of the chapters.

4. Some churches do a simple response to the message on Sunday which could include questions like:

  • What did you hear?
  • What inspired you?
  • What challenged you?
  • What are you going to apply from the message this week?

Bonus Materials

The fast food conspiracy jokes are explained here.
Assessments including the racial bias assessment (Project Implicit) and other resources can be found at
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