Ministry to a Post-Christian World (Oct. 2017 Intensive)

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Missional Innovation
Oct. 12-14, 2017

Course Description: 

In a world in which the church seems to be losing her influence and pastors struggle to make a difference among the unchurched, the de-churched, and those who are anti-church, pastoral leaders need to adopt a more innovative approach toward ministry. The younger generations will continue to fall away and eventually forget the faith of their parents and grandparents unless men and women of faith choose to become leaders who develop and demonstrate the internal, relational, and future-oriented skills required for creating and sustaining a culture of innovation.

God’s heart for every nation, people group and tribe means His message of faith, love, and hope should be communicated in light of the context.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Understand the innovative approach God employs in His pursuit of humanity and the advancement of His Kingdom.
  2. Discern the situations in which innovation becomes necessary and the sources of ideas for introducing change.
  3. Identify methods for implementing innovation and the process for evaluation.
  4. Determine the skills necessary for creating a culture of innovation.
  5. Create a plan for effective evangelism and discipleship of one’s ministry context.

Textbooks Include:

An Intentional Investment

The type of intentional investment in your leadership helped me in the following ways:

  • An intentional time for learning. Our staff gave me the space to do the very things I didn’t seem to have time to do before the program began.
  • An immediate opportunity for application. Every project was something I was already needing to accomplish.
  • In all of these courses, you will have access to effective practitioners in places like Austin, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, and overseas.


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  • Cost is $200 to audit the course.
  • Cost is $300 to apply course for Bethel Seminary credit.
  • Payment plans can be arranged.

Dr. Eric Bryant earned his Doctorate of Ministry in Entrepreneurial Leadership and his Masters of Divinity at Golden Gate Seminary. After helping plant a church in Seattle and serving as part of the leadership team at Mosaic in Los Angeles, Eric now serves with Gateway Church in Austin. He is the author of Not Like Me: A Field Guide For Creating a Diverse Community.

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