Resources for Growing Closer to God

I put together some ideas for those who have come to Gateway Church in South Austin to help them grow closer to God, reconnect with God, or go deeper with God than ever before.

1. Prayer

Acknowledge to God in prayer that you need Him to reveal Himself. Prayers while kneeling or lying in bed or prayer walking or journaling are great ways to express yourself to God.
  • Pray thanking Him for what you have. “Every good gift in life comes from God” the Scriptures say.
  • Confess anything you might have done to create distance between you and Him and ask for forgiveness.
  • Also, confess if you are angry with Him or frustrated with your circumstances, etc.. Be honest with Him about any anger or frustration or pain you feel about your life.

2. Fasting

Consider fasting from anything that could be distracting you from being in a good place with God. Fasting from the news, alcohol, sugar, or anything you think could remind you to pray more often throughout the day. Any time you think of the news or sugar or whatever it is you’ve fasted from, use that to reconnect with God through prayer. The fast could be for 24 hours or 40 days or anything in between.

3. Pursuing God

Read these message notes and/or listen to this message on the Power of Powerlessness or this one on Hide or Seek.

4. Reading Scriptures

In addition to praying, fasting, and listening to messages, Read through the Gospel of John and ask God to show you who Jesus really is. Go beyond what you’ve assumed was imposed on you. Who is He really? Pray before reading: God reveal yourself to me.
  • The Three Day Plunge – Read 7 chapters a day for 3 days in a row.
  • The Seven Day Challenge – Read 3 chapters a day for 7 days.
  • The Twenty-one Day Experiment – Read 1 chapter a day for 21 days.

5. Consider Your Calling

Work through the Process for Creating a Better Future – on your own answer the key questions based on what a the future you sense God wants for you could look like.

6. Baptism

Ask God if baptism is the symbolic next step for you in your walk with Him. No need to do this again if you have already made this decision in the past.

For more info, check out or download this Baptism Packet. Our next baptism will be on August 28th! Let us know if you are interested.

7. Connect with others who follow Jesus.

Consider the following:

  • Join us for our Sunday Inspire Service every Sunday you can.
  • Serve others with others on Sunday at Gateway South. (Consider going through Starting Gate)
  • Connect with a life group, recovery group, and/or serve the city with us. More details at The Connect Spot on Sunday mornings.
  • Meet up with one our leaders, the prayer team, or one of our pastors.
  • Dinner on Wednesday, 8/3 at the Diehls at 6:30pm (2802 Hatley Drive 78746). Bring a side dish or dessert!
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