The Year of the Bible (2017)


One of the best ways to have a great new year is to become consistent in doing the right thing no matter how small it may be.

Reading the Scripture on a daily or at least regular basis can be transformative!

Consider one of the following options:

Read through the Gospel of John.

For some guidance, read Who Is Jesus? Insights from His Best Friend.

Read through the New Testament.

Consider using the YouVersion Outreach New Testament Reading Plan.

Read through the letters of Paul.

For some posts on insights into each letter, go to A Catalytic Leader (Lessons from Paul).

Read through the Bible.

For some context, check out The Epic Series Through the Scriptures (video and audio messages and message notes).

Check out the Context of the Books in the Bible

The Bible Project is a fantastic resource to understand the Bible.

  • Fabio Mesquita

    deeply believe that the scriptures are a gift that God has given us.

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