Peace in the Middle East?

This week I am traveling to Israel with a team of 5 of us from Gateway Church in Austin.

We will be touring the places where Jesus walked and then helping at a camp for Israeli and Palestinian kids with Musalaha. The camp is designed to raise up peacemakers.

Would you be willing to pray for us?

  • Our team includes Sonya, Dario, Noel, Christa, and me.
  • We appreciate prayers for God’s presence to move in and through us and for safe travels there and back.
  • Also, appreciate prayers for our families as we travel.
  • For me, I appreciate prayers for Deborah, Caleb, and Trevi.

The Work of Reconciliation

Salim J Munayer, the founder and director of Musalaha has written a book called Through My Enemy’s Eyes along with Lisa Loden.

Drawing from the work of Robert I. Rotberg, they suggest four steps that can help in working towards reconciliation:

The first step is to learn the opposing narratives.

The second step is to bring them together and bridge them as much as is possible.

The third step is to ‘assist both sides to acknowledge and hopefully to even respect the legitimacy of the opposing narrative.

The fourth step is to invoke the narrative that Israeli Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians share: the narrative of the cross of Jesus and the coming of his kingdom.

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  • Naomi Grether

    Prayers for you trip to Israel

  • Keith Harris

    You can count on my prayers. God bless you.

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