Faith and Work by Devon Franklin

At Gateway Church in Austin, we are hearing from authors this month in our series called Voices.

This past Sunday, Devon Franklin shared a powerful message on The Hollywood Commandments.

Check out the NEXT STEPS to apply the message to your life. This is great material for conversations at the dinner table with your roommates, family, or with your life group.

Here is the video from the message from Devon:

DeVon Franklin – Voices from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

Here are notes from the message from Devon:

Too often we let the stress out in the real world distract us in our spirit.

God woke you up this morning! Unfortunately we hit the snooze button to waking up to what God has for you.

We should boldly go where no believer has gone before!

There is something the world needs that you bring!

To go further than we’ve ever been before, we have to acknowledge where we are now.

We shouldn’t “do church” but do change!

There is no limit to what faith can do. Until we believe God has more for us we will stay stuck where we are.

We are too lazy! We delay doing what God has put on our hearts! We need to stop procrastinating!

Ask yourself:

Am I living out my calling?

Daniel 1 – Babylonians took some of Israel’s young men to be servants. They grew up with faith but now they were living in the most secular environment. They excelled at their position without compromising their faith.

How are you handling our job?

God, show me how to get more influence without compromising your beliefs.

Go in with your head held high to work tomorrow.

We are called to run this place not be run down by this place.

What is success?

Peace. We cannot experience true peace until we operate within our calling without compromising.

Our bosses are stressed because their bosses are stressed! They are concerned about their self-preservation. 

One “no” doesn’t mean God has said “no” over the situation. Keep looking for the “yes.” Don’t give up too soon!

We need to leave on Sunday with confidence with who we are in Christ. Start living out what we say we believe.

“Please test us for 10 days….” – Daniel 

Daniel and his friends did not run from the test in front of them. 

Too often we were raised in a culture of fear.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Phil 4:13

Faith and fear fight with one another. They cannot exist at the same time.

Safe is not going to cut it!

Jesus gave up all for us!

Safe doesn’t lead to contentment or allow us to fulfill our calling.

Rather than a “beware” mentality we need to have a “can do.”

Don’t be afraid to take responsibility and accountability for your life right now.

Daniel and his friends passed the test and excelled.

God didn’t ask Daniel to leave Babylon but instead promoted him within Babylon. (see “prosper the city where you live”)

The Hollywood Commandments

#1 – Your prayers alone aren’t enough. Start preparing for what you are praying for.

#2 – You are the talent.

#3 – You have to carry a crown before you wear one. Help someone else succeed. Find virtual mentors in your field.

#4 – You have to know the rules to play the game.

#5 – Your gut is hiding God. We have the spirit within us. Don’t let your head talk you out of what God has said in your spirit.

#6 – You get what you negotiate (not what you’re worth).

#7 – You must master the wall of fame. We weren’t designed to receive praise by give praise.

#8 – Your difference is your destiny. You have everything you need to live out God’s calling in your life.

#9 – Your amnesia is an asset. Master the art of forgetting. We are stuck in a yesterday where God has already forgotten. If we asked for forgiveness, he has forgiven us!

#10 – Your world is smaller than you think. The people you need are all around you. 

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