One Day At A Time : Joe Smith

We enjoyed reconnecting with our Mosaic LA family, and we enjoyed hearing Joe Smith talk about living one day at a time.

Here are notes from Joe’s message:

If we are tired of the same thing day after day then we need choose not to be the same.

We wait so passively!

We demand for God to move and he’s waiting on us to move so He can do what He’s wanting to do through us!

How many times do we wait for someone else to help when we are the ones God has put there to help.

Too often we know what God wants us to do and we don’t do it.

An army of 600 did nothing, but God used the 2 people who were willing

1 Samuel 14:6

Worst war time speech in history! “Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf…”

Too many times we put God’s name on it.

Jonathan was honest: I have got to do something even if no one else acts – even God.

God is looking for someone to act. You can out move God. Cannot move faster than God.

Easier to move when you know you will succeed, but that requires no faith.

We miss out on the promise because we are waiting on the certainty.

Certainty is the death of adventure.

God is in the uncertainty.

Nothing can stop God but you can stop you.

1 Sam 14:7 “Do all that you have in mind. I’m with you heart and soul.” – armor bearer to Jonathan

We need to stop acting based on our mind rather than acting based on our heart and soul.

God doesn’t always look for most qualified but for the most committed.

1 Sam 14:11 Philistines mock Jonathan and armor bearer. Jonathan saw victory for Israel. Jonathan saw a bigger story than just his own.

The armor bearer went into battle with no weapon. Once he stepped into the battle God provided a sword from the first fallen soldier.

God often provides once we are willing to go not before.

We need to be faithful AND live by faith!

There is a multitude of God’s activity available once you move!

God isn’t going to trust you with a sword until he can trust you holding someone else’s armor.

You cannot be trusted with leadership unless you can be trusted with servanthood.

1 Sam 14:22-23 The rest of the army joined in once they heard someone had gone first. Israel won!

Some people need to see our courage to get their courage.

There are some battles we need to fight so that others will join us in “hot pursuit.” 

Matthew 25:35-36 “I was hungry and you gave me food….” – Jesus

How we act on behalf of others is our greatest act.

We want to bring meaning to our lives one day at a time then we need to realize that our relationship with God is dependent on our relationship with others.

We begin to look like God the moment we begin to live like Jesus.

Jesus was the greatest servant of all who acted on our behalf. He gave us life as a sacrifice yet He rose from the dead defeating death and evil.

To live one day at a time:

1. ACT on your own accord 

2. ACT in the midst of uncertainty

3. ACT with your heart & soul

4. ACT before you get what you need

5. ACT on behalf of others. 

  • C. R Snarr Powell

    Great reading..quite a bit to think about

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