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This year, stories of natural and human destruction have dominated the headlines. And when the news cycle moves on, we can’t help but ask, “What is God’s plan?” Simply put, we are. You are. The Church stays engaged. God has uniquely positioned Gateway in Austin and with partnerships in some of the places hit hardest by disaster — Houston, Las Vegas, Haiti and Burundi. We have a chance to join together and make a difference. Unprecedented disaster calls for unprecedented generosity.

Last year, all of Gateway Austin together gave over $200,000 to serve 1000 refugee families in Austin and in the Middle East.

Last fiscal year, Gateway South Austin gave $109,000 to our global partners, campus and church planting efforts, and to local serve initiatives.

This fiscal year, as we reach our budget goal we will give $135,000 to our global partners, campus and church planting efforts and local serve initiatives.

(Find out more about some of our global and local partners at gatewaychurch.com/epicenter)

As we begin our 10th year as Gateway Church in South Austin,
our goal is to hit our budget goal for this fiscal year AND pay off the rest of what we owe for the buildout.

So many of our people have given generously and served faithfully to help us make it to 10 years in South Austin, a region of the U.S. known as “the church planter’s graveyard.”

Together, many of us gave above and beyond our normal giving to turn an empty space into a safe place where our city knows you can “come as you are.”

Our building was empty for 6 years. Now this space has been restored into our auditorium.

Gateway South Auditorium









Since 2012, we sacrificed and raised $1,000,000 for the buildout which we thought would cost $800,000. We came often to pray outside of the building during construction. We even wrote the names of people we hoped we would see find faith in our new building – and some have!

In this space, God has been at work!

Men, women, and children have experienced a relationship with God through Jesus!

People have been baptized.

Kids have discovered God’s love for them.

Teenagers have developed meaningful friendships and grown in their faith.

Marriages have been healed.

People have found their calling.

We have been sent out into our city to bring life and freedom.

Men and women have been equipped in their faith, found healing, and discovered community.

During our buildout, the City of Austin required us to build 3 bathrooms we had not intended to build. With the extra cost of added plumbing, we decided to add a kitchen as well. Due to these extra costs along with a few other costs we did not expect, we borrowed $500,000 to complete the buildout for our 9 year lease. Our landlord gave us a low cost per square foot for rental as a result of the buildout costs.

Here’s how you can help us reach our goal:

Consider giving to Gateway Church in South Austin above and beyond what you already give.

GIVE -Choose “Gateway Offerings South Austin”

Check this out:

If over the next 12 months, 400 of us gave $100 more per month than what we are giving now, we will meet our fiscal year budget goals and be able to completely pay for what we borrowed to pay for the buildout of our new space!

Or if only 100 of us began tithing in 2018, we would reach our budget goal and be able to pay off the rest of what we owe for the buildout!

We realize some of us cannot give that much, and some of us can give much more.

Ask God for guidance on what He wants you to give above your current level!

Consider one of the following options:

• Start giving to God through your local church.
• Start tithing (giving 10% of your income) to God through your local church.
• Add to your current level of giving per month.
• Give a special gift this Christmas season beyond what you’ve ever given before.

Together we can accomplish far more than we can on our own.

What we have together is special! We have the opportunity to live connected and to be transformed in the midst of a loving community – a rare gift in this divided world! Together we can change our world!

Let’s hit our budget and pay off what we borrowed for the buildout of our space! As we give above and beyond and as we serve and love our city, we can bring the life and freedom that creates epicenters of impact here in Austin and around the world.

For your contribution to be considered in the 2017 tax year, please make your donation prior to midnight CST 12/31/17 or postmarked by 12/31/2017.

GIVE -Choose “Gateway Offerings South Austin”


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