Top 17 Posts of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, here are some of the more popular posts!

Self Awareness

Self Awareness Through Assessments (Enneagram Paragraph Test)

Enneagram – Vices, Virtues, Childhood Messages, and More

Social Issues

Standing Together Against Racism

New Rules of Engagement for Facebook and Social Media

Defying Stereotypes – Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans Who Follow Jesus

Church Leadership

The Church Growth Summit
(interviews with Erwin McManus, Alan Hirsch, Dr. David Ireland, Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, and many more)

Powerlessness: A “New” Way to Share Faith in a Post-Christian World

Spiritual Growth

A Marriage in Crisis (Practical Steps for Couples Needing a Fresh Start)

Losing It, FaceTime, and Starting Over (Overcoming Our Struggles)

Responding to Suffering

Lessons from Israel and the West Bank (Audio Message and Notes)


A Long Time Ago in Galilee Far, Far Away (Discovering the Authentic Jesus)

Jesus and the Holy Land (thoughts and reflections from my trip to Israel and the West Bank)

Did God Forsake Jesus?

God Revealed Through the Scriptures

Understanding God: Three in One (Trinity Explained)

Just For Fun

Disappointment On Our Wedding Day (Chicken Pox)


The War to End All Wars? (WWI)

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