7 Disruptive Trends by Carey Nieuwhof

At Exponential, Carey Nieuwhof shared on cultural disruptions.

We are perfectly equipped to reach a world that no longer exists! We do not have common ground.

The gap between how quickly you change and how quickly things change is called irrelevance.

7 Trends Disrupting the Church

Move beyond church in a box.

Set time viewing is almost dead. Our entire model of church is based on set time viewing.

Future churches will have a building, but they’ll just reach far beyond it.

Churches who only think Sunday and who only think building will continue to shrink.

Internet campus feeding the meetings in the building.

in 2018, if coming to Christ means coming to your church in a location and a set hour, you need a new strategy.

The Digital will become real.

Life seamlessly slips between analog and digital all the time.

The front door potential of online is so much greater than the back door of online that so many leaders fear.

Everyone we want to reach is already online. If you lose anyone because of the internet campus, they are probably those who aren’t serving or giving anyway and there are far more now possible to reach.

Online is key to seven day a week engagement in the mission.

Most underutilized asset in most churches is their email list. Emailing once a week or twice a week – not announcements but helpful resources. This allows us to show up in their inbox regularly!

Yet leaders still ask: Does online count?

just because you don’t know the digital answer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask the digital question.

In the future church, analog and digital church will be interconnected.

As technology increases, so does the need for human connection.

Nobody should be outdoing the church in building community

Location independence will rise.

In the future church, many people will consider a church ‘home’ in a city they don’t live in and may never exist.

Do you compete or complement?

Stop trying to change the world if you aren’t even changing your city!

You can organize in communities in which you have no physical presence.

Pop-Up Churches will become more common.

Pop-up restaurants and pop-up stores are giving rise to pop-up churches.

Minimal investment and high potential for return.

A Desire for Non-Downloadable Experiences

If everything your church produces feels downloadable, people will only download you.

Create an emotional plotline for your services.

Seek to create content that is immanent and experiences that are transcendent.

The Rise of Preaching (More Than Teaching)

Preaching speaks to the heart. Teaching speaks to the head.

Teaching is downloadable. Preaching is not.

We don’t want people to leaving thinking “he’s right” but “That’s right!” The more we point to Jesus

Preaching without teaching becomes emotionalism.

Teaching without preaching becomes intellectualism.

Are you facilitating an experience or merely conveying information?

The team is eclipsing the solo leader.

Succession will be a huge issue in the coming years.

Example: Two people following Bill Hybels rather than one – Steve Carter and Heather Larson.

Leadership becomes more technical the larger our organization becomes.

What we started alone has become too complex for one alone.

You want the church to grow without you not just run without you.

In our current culture, we is becoming bigger than me.

The leader who can do all things well is giving way to the team that can do all things well.








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