Moving from Cultural Tolerance to Cultural Inclusion by Harvey Carey

Harvey Carey, the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Citadel of Faith Covenant Church in Detroit, Michigan spoke at an event for hosts of the Global Leadership Summit.

Pastor Carey shared an inspiring message on cultural inclusion.

Moving from cultural tolerance to cultural inclusion.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 9 wrote about “becoming a servant of all and enter into the world of others.”

Roots of cultural tolerance.

Our own cultural biases shape our behavior, policies, and how we treat others.
Tolerance breeds all kinds of challenging behavior. Outside of relationship we make assumptions about others.
We have all been misunderstood because of others biases.
Are we unintentionally culturally insensitive?
This is broader than race and includes any kind of differences we have with others.
Are we listening to others’ story?

The Risk of Cultural Inclusion

Leadership requires risk.
Are we willing to risk engaging with someone different to move forward together?
We over complicate how to communicate with someone different so we end up not communicating at all.
Without knowing it, we remain divided because we aren’t cross the chasm of difference.
Multi-cultural Community is engaged in other cultural viewpoints. In other words, the collective becomes the culture.
A diverse community can still be monolithic and mono-cultural.
Tolerance leaves other stories on the fringe. Inclusion includes embracing others stories and creating our story.
This needs to become more urgent and more important in our organization!
Radical inclusivity creates a mess. Most leaders don’t like messes and remain control freaks.
We are stuck because we keep bringing on others with the same mindset and same cultural viewpoint.
Doing so keeps us divided.
Begin with someone who looks like you but is different than you.

Results of cultural inclusion

Jesus crossed the chasm for us!
“He endured the shame” – Hebrews
Am I willing to choose my own personal death to self to bridge the gap?
When we do we can create the kind of community the world needs!
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