Going Offline for the Summer?!

In our wired and digital world, I am going to do something crazy this summer…
I am going offline for 6 weeks.
I am handing my iPhone to my wife and staying off the Internet for 6 full weeks.
My goal is to live truly connected to God and to people.

I am going to pretend it’s 1993!

That was the last year before I started emailing people, before I had a pager (or cell phone), and before I started exploring the internet. It was back then I used a Thomas Guide before there were maps on my phone.
I have had issues with workaholism and phone addiction, so I am going on sabbatical from both.
Every 7 years as a part of the Gateway Church in Austin staff, we get 2 months of sabbatical, and I am going all in on this! I am so grateful for this gift!
When I return in August, I look forward to catching up with you and sharing all I have learned and discovered.
In the meantime, my friends Sulinda and Joe will be posting resources I prepared ahead of time for you throughout the summer!
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