Advance – MBTI (Find Your Purpose)

Make a Choice. Take a Chance. Create a Change.

Advance helps us determine how to become who we were created to be using the MBTI personality assessment, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, the Enneagram, and the Character Matrix.

How do your preferences shape what may be your calling (MBTI)?
How do your strengths shape what may be your calling (Gallup StrengthsFinder)?
How do your underlying motivations shape what may be your calling (Enneagram)?
How do you grow to become a servant leader (Character Matrix)?

Discovering your uniqueness can help you discover your purpose.

  • What are areas of need you see around you that you sense need to be met?
  • How can you meet those needs?
  • What does God want you to do for the world?
  • How did God create you to love Him and love people?

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Extravert (50%) or Introvert (50%)
This is not about social skills.
  • How do I gain energy?
  • Where do I focus my energy?
  • Am I more public or private?
  • Do I work on several projects or one at a time?

Dark Side:

  • Extroverts – serve others for what they can get from it.
  • Introverts – don’t serve others.


Sensing (75%) or Intuitive (25%)
  • Facts and details or connections and implications?
  • Direct experience or gut instinct?


Thinker (60% men, 40% women) or Feeler (60% women, 40%men)


  • Objectively or how this affects others?
  • Truthful or tactful (even if little white lie)?
  • Tough or tender?
Dark Side:
  • Thinkers -Task over people.
  • Feelers – People over task.


Judging (50%) or Perceiving (50%)


  • Closure and quick decisions or like to leave options open?
  • Work then fun or fun then work?


SJ (45%)

Key Word: DUTY

SJs are known for the following: most responsible, work ethic, most reliable, most resistant to change, hiearchical

Nicknames:  Beaver, Melancholy

Jobs: stable and predictable environment with hierarchy and loads of responsibility. Business management, teaching, healthcare, judicial system.

ISTJ (9%)- Trusted, meticulous with details, accurate with facts, excel at setting up and monitoring workable and efficient systems and procedures. 

ISFJ (9%) – Conservator, gentle, caring, thoughtful, devoted to families, friends over self, commitments over own interests, careful and cautious about change, takes responsibilities very seriously, avoids spotlight. 

ESTJ (19%)- Administrator, practical, realistic, logical, friendly, talkative, quick to notice what needs to be done, good at organizing tasks and people to accomplish their goals in an efficient manner. 

ESFJ (13%) – Seller, outgoing, sociable, talkative, sensitive, sympathetic, very nurturing, enjoys helping others with needs in in real specific hands on ways.

SP (30%)


SPs are known for the following: action, live for today, endurance, a play ethic, performing arts, experiential

Nicknames: Otter, Sanguine

Jobs: variety, change, flexible, relaxed environments without rules and bureaucracy, tools, crafts, artisanship, firefighters, cops, restaurants, pilots, EMT.

ISTP (6%) – Artisan, independent, curious, logical, private, calm, keen observer of surroundings, skillful and capable with things in physical world, likes mechanical things and good with tools. 

ISFP(6%) – Artist, gentle, modest, compassionate, initially reserved, quiet, care deeply about people and animals, devoted, loyal and ready to help at a moment’s notice, practical, observant, live in present, enjoy beauty of life around them. 

ESTP(7%)- Promoter, active, impulsive, playful, outgoing, talkative, realistic, observant, pragmatic, adaptable, resilient, resourceful when solving immediate problems, free spirited, popular, stay busy, take life one moment at a time. 

ESFP(9%) – Entertainer, warm, friendly, cheerful, active, eager, surrounded by variety of people, a party follows them, realistic, practical, caring, spontaneous, easy going. 

NF (13%)


NFs are known for the following: significance, idealists, communicators, relational

Nicknames: Retriever, Phlegmatic

INFJ (2%)  – Most conceptual of NF’s, creative, original, complex, formal, hold deep personal convictions that rule actions and decisions, extremely focused and have great drive to accomplish their goals.

INFP (3%) – Questor, most idealistic of NF’s, driven by the their deep personal values and unique view of the world, gentle, reserved and cool to those they don’t know or trust, warm passionate and committed to people and things they care deeply about.

ENFJ (3%)- Enthusiastic, vivacious, usually possess excellent p.r. skills which they like to use to help people reach their highest potential, creative, energetic, organized, throw themselves fully into every activity and task.

ENFP (6%)- Journalist, see opportunities everywhere and live for exploring possibilities and helping other people make changes and improve their lives, friendly, spontaneous, creative, playful, care deeply for family and friends.

NT (12%)

Key Word: POWER

NTs are known for the following: competencies, logical, future-oriented, addicted to acquiring intelligence, visionary

Nicknames: Lion, Choleric

INTJ (2%)- Scientist, excellent creative thinkers, complex, brilliant visionaries, able to see accuracy more than others, independent, strong-willed, perfectionists.

INTP (3%) – Architect, complex, independent, creative, like abstract and complicated challenges, can argue any logical position with fairness and conviction.

ENTJ (4%) – Field Marshall, natural leaders, strategic, organized, decisive, forceful, strong, committed, mobilize resources necessary to get the job done with high and creative standards.

ENTP (5%) – Inventor, enthusiastic, persuasive, charismatic, perceptive and able to understand people and anticipate trends, entrepreneurs and politicians.

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