Advance – The Character Matrix (Find Your Purpose)

Make a Choice. Take a Chance. Create a Change.

Advance helps us determine how to become who we were created to be using the MBTI personality assessment, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, the Enneagram, and the Character Matrix.

How do your preferences shape what may be your calling (MBTI)?
How do your strengths shape what may be your calling (Gallup StrengthsFinder)?
How do your underlying motivations shape what may be your calling (Enneagram)?
How do you grow to become a servant leader (Character Matrix)?

Discovering your uniqueness can help you discover your purpose.

  • What are areas of need you see around you that you sense need to be met?
  • How can you meet those needs?
  • What does God want you to do for the world?
  • How did God create you to love Him and love people?

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The Character Matrix

Based on the life-transforming principles from the Scriptures as expressed in Uprising: A Revolution of the Soulby Erwin McManus, the character matrix helps us move from brokenness to wholeness.

Often we struggle to make progress by falling into the same struggles time and after time. We can make small changes that will have a big result to move from being selfish (proud, foolish, and greedy) to become servant leaders (courageous, wise, and generous).

Discover your role to play in the divine change God wants for your life and the lives of those we serve.

The Character Matrix has been one of the greatest tools to help me in my spiritual growth as well as the tool I use the most in helping others grow.

The three life-changing journeys include:

1. A Quest for Nobility (A New Perspective)
•Greed – demanding more
•Gratitude – thankful for what you have and not mad about what you don’t have
•Wholeness – able to give more than you receive (51%)
•Generosity – able to give without concern for receiving, “of noble birth”

2. A Quest for Enlightenment (A New Habit)
•Foolishness – making the same bad choice repeatedly
•Faithfulness – making the right choice no matter how small it is
•Perseverance – making the right choice no matter how small it is and no matter what happens
•Wisdom – connecting cause and effect

3. A Quest for Honor: (A New Attitude)
•Pride – thinking about yourself too lowly or too highly
•Humility – committed to follow and serve
•Integrity – able to be trusted with followers
•Courage – the absence of self rather than the absence of fear

Application Questions:

In which part of the character matrix do you struggle the most?

In which area do you excel?

How do you sense you should serve?

What small thing do you sense you should start doing?

In what ways do you sense you should be grateful that perhaps you have taken for granted?

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