Urban Ministry by Conn and Ortiz

As part of my Doctoral Cohort in Global Leadership (also known as Missional Effectiveness), we interact with classic texts such as Urban Ministry: The Kingdom, the City & the People of God by Harvie Conn and Manuel Ortiz

Tweet Summary:

The church by and large has abandoned the city but Jesus has not.

Insights into Urban Ministry:

1)     The world is becoming more and more urban.

2)     Raising up of indigenous leaders.

3)     Jer. 29:7 be the peace in the city-the salt and light despite a somewhat harsh or even oppressive missional context.

4)     With city providing more collisions, the church has the opportunity to provide definitions of community.

5)     Remember that the church was formed in the city in order to allow the church to provide new opportunities again.

6)     Missions has moved to the city.

7)     Church is made of cities not countries.

Important Quotes:

Church growth at times becomes an idol.

The suburbs were created to escape the evils of the city.  Little did they realize in doing so, they have separated themselves from the mission of the church to seek the peace in the city.

Puzzled, Randy commented, “You must be an amazing person, and your family must be amazing for you to do this.  Michael’s reply was an eye opener to the upside-down Kingdom of God: “No, we’re not.  Jesus lives in our neighborhood, in the slums, and we’ve moved there to be with Him.

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