On the Verge of Untamed

As part of my Doctoral Cohort in Global Leadership (also known as Missional Effectiveness), we interact with great texts such as On the Verge: A Journey Into the Apostolic Future of the Church  by David Ferguson and Alan Hirsch and Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship by Debra Hirsch.

On the Verge

Tweet Overview:

We are the church – each individual person is the church not the building.

Practical Application

  1. Reimagine our future
  2. Empower God’s people to do His work – giving people permission
  3. Innovate or Die (The John Lennon principle)


When leaders are being the change they want to see, they spark the missional imagination of all who follow, and fan into flame the gift God has given them.


Tweet Overview:

It is true that Jesus is like God, but the greater truth, one closer to the revelation of God that Jesus ushers in, is that God is like Jesus.

A call to be outwardly-focussed followers of Jesus, engaging in incarnational love and the sacrificial nature of discipleship and mission.

3 Applications:

1.) Intentionally surround yourself with outsiders and love them like Jesus did.
2.) Develop a personal strategy for soul care. Commit to rhythms.
3.) Intentionally make people feel like they belong in our ministry context
without condition.

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