Reason For God by Timothy Keller

As part of my Doctoral Cohort in Global Leadership (also known as Missional Effectiveness), we interact with great text such as The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy Keller.

Tweet Overview:

Doesn’t Christianity give the best explanation to your skepticism? #checkyourskepticism

Life’s Toughest Questions:

  1. How can a loving God send people to hell?
    – Answer – Choice, Free-will. We choose hell which is “locked from the inside” from those who do not want to be with God.
  1. How could God allow Evil and Suffering?
    – Answer – Frailty of finite minds

“Just because you can’t see or imagine a good reason
why God might allow something to happen doesn’t mean there can’t be one”

  1. What is God’s response to death?
    – Answer – the Reality of the resurrection of Jesus –  We imagine that we modern people take claims of a bodily resurrection with skepticism, while the ancients, full of credulity about the supernatural, would have immediately accepted it. That is not the case.  Quote:

Summarizing Quote:

Another way to look at the Christian life, however, is to see it from the perspective of the final restoration.  Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection was an infinitely costly rescue operation to restore justice to the oppressed and marginalized, physical wholeness to the diseased and dying, community to the isolated and lonely, and spiritual joy and connection to those alienated from God.  To be a Christian today is to become part of that same operation, with the expectation of suffering and hardship and the joyful assurance of eventual success.

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