Angela Ahrendts on Leadership (GLS18)

At GLS 18, John Maxwell interviewed Angela Ahrendts, senior vice president of retail at Apple which has 66,000 employees in 36 countries and former CEO of Burberry.

Ahrendts shared some of the following insights:

On Core Values:

Moving forward effectively requires commitment core values and mission.

Whatever you give you get tenfold in return.

The higher up we go, the more we need to connect with our values and overcommunicate our values.

On Being Present:

Create space in the morning for reflection and preparation for the day.

Our job is to connect with our people, to celebrate with our teams, and to feel with others being more present.

We need to move fast and to be more concise and communicate in the ways our people are used to communicating yet also creating ways to genuinely connect outside of apps, YouTube, SnapChat, etc..

Look backwards so you can move forward. Seek to understand why initiatives from the past were started and what those involved were working towards.

On Hiring:
  • Is the person more a “we person” or “me person”?
  • Are they emotionally intelligent?
  • Are they using both the right side and left side of the brain?
  • Are they more yesterday, today, or tomorrow people?
    Historians fight the future and visionaries struggle in the moment. We need all, but make sure we have people who are focused on today and all are team players in the mission.
On Trust and Intuition:

Trust, intuition, and belief are critical for leaders.
(Human Energy – a Ted Talk by Ahrendts)

With trust we can do anything. Without trust, we cannot do anything.

Cultures create the brand.

Work to create a healthy culture that will outlast your time working there.

On the Big Picture:

Consider: Why are doing this?
What is the deeper purpose behind your efforts? Determine this answer and make this the mission of the company.

Consider: How are you doing this?
Who are the types of people you are going to hire? How are you going to empower them? Let this come from your core values.

Apple now asks costumers: Are we making a difference in your life?

On Inspiring Our People:

“I can teach you anything, but I cannot teach you to care.”

Make sure people know you care. Look them in the eyes and truly listen.

Don’t talk above others but with others.

Never forget where you came from.

Ask yourself: What would you have wanted the leader to say to me when I was in their position?

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