Building a Culture of Simplicity by Juliet Funt (GLS18)

At Global Leadership Summit 2018, Juliet Funt spoke during session two.

Juliet Funt is the CEO of White Space at Work which helps companies reduce busyness and create white space to be more productive.

Casualness of others keeps us operating in a culture of overload and unproductivity.

Building a Culture of Simplicity

Corporations have used three bricks towards simplicity:

  • Technological advancements
  • Reorganizations
  • Lean6 Sigma

The mortar between the bricks is the behavior of the people in the organization.

Three human behaviors we need to change:

Conformity – following what others are doing around us.

Symetric inertia – nobody changes until everybody changes so nobody changes.

Consider this clip from Candid Camera:

Antidote: The WhiteSpace 50/50 Rule – anything that bothers you at work is 50% your fault until you communicate what you want or need. One person going contrary to the norm can lead to a transformation in the culture 80% of the time.


2D content is fact-driven, yes vs no

3D content is nuanced and relational.

Pushing 2D content into a 3D medium never

Antidote: The Yellow List – ask yourself: does this need to be sent right now? if not, add it to the yellow list.


The more we have our fingers in everything the slower our organizations can move.

Hands off leaders!

Antidote: Second tier delegation which helps us build others who can become first tier. First tier are fully trusted and empowered.


Antidote: WhiteSpace Refusal Strategies


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