Pearls of Wisdom from Carla Harris (GLS18)

Carla Harris wrote Strategize to Win and serves as the Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor for Morgan Stanley and shared pearls of leadership wisdom at GLS18.



Leadership is a journey from execution to empowerment. Our job as a leader is to create new leaders.

The secret of growing your power is giving it away.

Leverage the intellect of your team!

If people think there will be retribution for an idea, then our team won’t bring their best ideas.


Be clear about what success looks like so our team can be more productive.

A lack of clarity can be truly frustrating for our team.


Your authenticity is at the heart of your power and impact.

Nobody can be you the way that you can be you!

Behaving inauthentically creates a competitive disadvantage for us. We are using intellectual capacity in an unnatural way. It keeps us from our fast-twitch response.

Most people are not comfortable in their own skin. People gravitate towards those who are. Their confidence is obvious.

Bring your authentic self to the table, and people will trust you. Trust is the key to effective relationships.

We are all multi-faceted and know which part of us to bring to connect to those you are working with.

We outperform when our team is free to be authentic.

Decisiveness and Diversity

“The price of inaction is greater than the cost of making a mistake.” – Meg Whitman

Part of our divine responsibility is to make decisions. Even if you do not have all the information, make a decision. Rely on your experiences and trust your team.

Every experience will give us either a blessing or a lesson.

Every industry is competing via innovation. Innovation enables us to break through. We need more perspectives in the room and more experiences in the room.

To become diverse, you need to be intentional, accountable, and consistent.


Be engaged to the level that we know how each person on our team needs to be motivated to be the most productive.

Being an inclusive leader means communicating “I see you” and “I hear you.”

Engagement becomes harder when not everyone is in the same room and as technology.

Disappointment gives us the opportunity to be a transformative leader. Transformative leaders are tenacious, thoughtful, transcendent, and transparent.

Solicit the voices of others on our team so there is more buy in.


We differentiate ourselves taking risks. Fear has no place in our success equation.

I know where I am now so why stay at “no” when “yes” can lead to a new horizon.

All of these requires courage!

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