More More and More Before by John Maxwell (GLS18)

John Maxwell bestselling author & speaker on leadership shared at the Global Leadership Summit 2018 on “More More and More Before.”

Here are some of the insights Maxwell shared:

All leaders see more than others see and before others see.

Now fast is faster and forward is sooner.

Speed wins but getting started sooner wins even more.

Know that is there is “more more” & “more before” out there than we realize.

An abundance mentality keeps us creative because we assume there is an answer.

The Action Process:

  • Test
  • Fail
  • Learn
  • Improve
  • Re-enter

The Attitude Process:

Once I know what I want then my mind and heart and hands will help me get there.

Put yourself in places and with people who will inspire you.

Intentionally grow everyday so we will have capacity for “more and more before.”

Instead of “when will get there?” we need to ask “how far can I go?”

The Vision Gap:

Always have a vision gap that requires you to need “more more and more before.”

How do we fill the vision gap?

  • Ask God to send you the right people.
  • Ask God to do for you what you cannot do for yourself.



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