On Gender Inequality with Danielle Strickland (GLS18)

Danielle Strickland spoke powerfully on gender equality in light of the current climate of #MeToo and the recent Hybels controversy at the Global Leadership Summit 2018.

From her website:

“Danielle Strickland is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her aggressive compassion has served people firsthand in countries all over the world. From establishing Justice Departments for The Salvation Army to launching Global anti-trafficking initiatives, to creating new movements to mobilize people towards transformational living. Danielle trains, advocates, and inspires people to live differently.

Danielle is the author of 5 books with her most recent being The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom From What Enslaves You. She is host of DJStrickland Podcast,  Co-founder of Infinitum, Amplify Peace and Brave Global.”

On Gender Equality

As spiritual leaders, we need to both

  • Imagine a better world AND
  • Become empathetic to the oppressed.

The world is better when women and men work together.

We desire this because we were designed for this!

How do we move forward together?

1. Believe it’s possible.

In a study by the McKinsey Group, they discovered that if women were given equitable treatment there would be an increase of $12 to $28 trillion in our economy.

We need to to refuse despair.

Why so little hope? Fear!

We cannot be afraid.

  • 2/3 of women do not believe gender equality will improve in next 5 years
  • 30% of women do not believe gender equality is even possible.

We cannot fear being a victim, and we cannot fear losing power.

Pharaoh feared Israel so he oppressed them.

Fear is the currency of oppression.

2. Understand difference and mutuality.

Difference – we are not the same.

To be human is to be unique.

When we over-emphasize one difference over the other differences, we are not in a healthy place.

Also, a denial of differences isn’t healthy.

Difference through the lens of faith is an opportunity!

Mutuality – the sharing of feelings, actions, and relationship between people

Ubuntu – we need each other. My failure is linked to your failure. Same with success.

The Enemies of Mutuality: Power and Sex

On Sex

35% of women globally have experienced sexual assault

25% of American women have been sexually abused or assaulted or mistreated.

Pornography objectifies women.

1 in 6 internet searches are for porn. (1 in 5 searches on mobile phones)

60% of men admit to watching porn once a week.

On Power

Power – the ability to influence the behavior of others.

Abuse – to use to bad effect or purpose.

Too often, we use power improperly with coercion, threats, and intimidation.

We need to make these shifts:

  • Emotional abuse vs respect
  • Isolation vs trust and support
  • Minimizing and denying and blaming vs honesty and accountability
  • Male privilege vs shared responsibility
  • Poverty is disempowerment.

Great leaders use power to empower others.

Jesus gave power away! You can see this most clearly in how he treated women. His Kingdom dismantled evil systems.

3. Start now and start with me.

Amplify peace – listen, learn, and live

4. Never, ever give up

Morgan Stanley’s manifesto on diversity details how diversity is good for the company and good for the world.

“At Morgan Stanley, diversity is an opportunity – for clients, employees and Firm. By valuing diverse perspectives, we can better serve our clients while we help employees achieve their professional objectives. A corporate culture that is open and inclusive is fundamental to our role as a global leader constantly striving for excellence in all that we do.”

—James P. Gorman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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