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I was honored to be a part of a training for church leaders at the headquarters for Blackbaud Church Management.

Blackbaud connects your staff and congregation, ensuring deeper relationships and effective ministry.

I shared some of my materials on Reaching New People and Raising Up Leaders that I share in my Church Growth Workshop online course for church staffs.

Here are some affirming and helpful things I learned:

Only .5% of churches have more than 3000 people in attendance.

Main Reasons Megachurches Stall – Plus Solutions from The Unstuck Group:

  1. Personality driven – Develop a teaching team to move lead pastor to 40 or fewer
  2. Authoritarian leaders – Develop a senior leadership team. Empower staff to pull off the very clear vision.
  3. No intentional strategy for leadership development. – Develop healthy spiritual leaders from within.
  4. Holding on to traditions. – Develop a team to create the future. Not everything you did in the past will lead to a healthy future. Include new voices so that you can get beyond being predictable.
  5. Have not developed a healthy financial model. – Spend 1% less than you do now so you can start saving and creating a better future.
  6. Ministry creep. – Develop a focused communication strategy based on a focused calendaring strategy based on Clear Next Steps.
  7. Ministry silos. – Develop a culture of unity and clarity towards the vision. Make sure all on your team know and live out the vision.

Main campuses in multisite churches often stop growing as they send out people and resources to start new campuses.

Multisite churches are in danger of strategizing for the main campus rather than thinking in terms of all campuses.

Are you stuck?
Survey for Senior and Executive

3 Box Solution – how to grow after your initial success has stalled

Keys to Growing Again

At least 1 guest for every 1 attender over the course of the year is a healthy data point. If 2000 in attendance then 2000 guests over the course of a year.

To get more guests to share their contact info try something like: “Send us a text with your info and we will donate $25 to a local charity.”

Determine your spiritual growth path and communicate this clearly!

Increase the Spiritual Temperature on Sundays.

Funding Our Mission:

Fundraising is the spiritual discipline God has established to help move people to become wholly His.” – Rick Dunham of Dunham and Company, Leaders in delivering integrated fundraising, marketing, and media

God doesn’t need our money. There is a direct correlation between my heart for God and my money.

Executive Pastor Panel

  • Michael Mulliken from New Spring Church
    Once Moses had the systems and structure in place (Exodus 18), he was ready for God to reveal the 10 Commandments. Without the leaders in place, the blessing of the revelation would have been more of a burden.
  • Annie Duncan from Bellevue Presbyterian Church
    Be strategic about hiring so that your team reflects the city you are seeking to reach and disciple.Allowing refugees and immigrants to teach us how to be missionaries where we live.Seek to build the Church not just your local church.
  • Kert Parsley from James River Church
    Sacred cows need to be sacrificed. When talking with someone holding onto the past, point to the wins and remind them that you know that they don’t want to get in the way of what God is doing. If there is something good for the church, it will be good for them too. If not, we will bless them to find a new place to connect.Consider: Is the staff member lacking a skill or an issue of the heart?

    If a skill, they can be trained. If the heart, we will help them find a new place.
    When letting someone go, make sure there is a conversation and then expectations and summary in writing. If there is no progress, no one should be surprised when they are fired.

  • Brendon Zastrow from Dream City Church
    Focus on your identity and seek to relate well with the other churches in your area. Be ok with letting others go to other churches. It is better to have people who are all in on your mission.

These Online Interviews and Articles from Carey Nieuwhof were helpful as well

How to be Attractional and Experiential

Why Attractional Churches Are Past Peak and What’s Next

  • The lobby is now online.
  • Everyone is still welcome.
  • Include the bottom rungs of the ladder so unchurched know why you are doing what you are doing.
  • Services are still 60 minutes.
  • People are coming because they need help. They don’t want to be entertained. Even those without Jesus are wanting to have an experience where they connect with God.
  • “Nobody is looking for WOW anymore in the church. If they are truly lost, they are looking for HOW. -Matt Warren
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