Not Like Me at East91st Street Church in Indianapolis

East 91st Street Christian Church in Indianapolis took their church through the Not Like Me Sermon Series.

Pastor Rick Grover shared the following about their experience:

“Many American churches either ignore or fear the cultural arena fraught with division, discord and hatred. Politics, social issues, racial tensions, morality—many pastors feel ill equipped to engage our culture, so they continue to avoid the hard issues facing our times.

At E91 (East 91st Street Christian Church, Indianapolis), we decided to step out in faith and begin conversations in order to help us learn humbly and participate authentically. The question was, “What are some resources that could help us address these issues biblically, thoughtfully, and lovingly?”

Our search led us to Eric Bryant’s book, Not Like Me. After I read his book, I knew this could be the platform to engage our church family and guests on what the Bible teaches us and how we can have healthy conversations with neighbors, co-workers and friends around issues that often polarize and paralyze us.

We did a six-week teaching series based on the themes of this book, and many of our Life Groups (small groups) studied through the book, which includes an excellent discussion guide. Not only did people appreciate that we were willing to talk about the “hard stuff,” they shared numerous stories of how the series and book helped them learn to build relationships with people who are “not like them.” Those growing relationships have been a two-way street of transformation for the Christian needing to grow and the new friend needing the love of Jesus.

I highly recommend Eric’s book and teaching/preaching series to any church that has a heart for people who may be far from God and a desire to be in cultural conversations for greater Kingdom impact rather than sitting on the sidelines watching from afar.

Here are the messages they shared:

Not Like Me: A Love Greater Than Politics

Not Like Me: A Love Greater Than Ethnicity:

A Love Greater Than Ethnicity from East 91st St Christian Church on Vimeo.

Not Like Me: A Love Greater Than Religion

Not Like Me: A Love Greater Than Social Class

Not Like Me: A Love Greater Than Morality

Not Like Me: A Love Greater Than Offenses

Here is the message they had me come and share:

Not Like Me from East 91st St Christian Church on Vimeo.


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