The Joy Rebellion by Robb Overholt

I have Challenge for every willing person.
For this week, as we head into September, I challenge you to…
1. Take a 7-day hiatus from all News and Media (I promise that the world won’t stop turning).
2. Set an alarm for the morning of all 7 days to remind you to keep a Gratitude Record. So each morning, first thing, before you worry about the stress of your day, write down or record 3 things that you are grateful for and you can’t repeat anything for the 7 days (so you are gonna come up with 21 things). The focus here is to remember and appreciate what we do have instead of fearfully focusing on what we don’t have or what we feel is threatened.
3. This week, be intentional to listen and learn from at least 1 person who doesn’t naturally agree with you. Could be a family member, a friend, a foe. (Remember that there’s always more than one vantage point to any given thing. Let’s humble ourselves, we need each other).
Feel free to use my page to record any and all results that you feel will serve as an inspiration to others, but in the days of fear, division, and injustice, it’s time to start a Joy Rebellion, friends. So let’s start starting one.

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