A Miracle Mazda!

Deborah celebrated her 50th birthday on November 22, 2021, and I decided to surprise her with a new car!

After looking for a good deal all over Austin I gave up and finally ended up ordering a car from Carvana to be delivered on November 11th. She had no idea it was coming!

We had been saving for a long time for a new car since I’ve been driving a 19 year old minivan with flowers on it and has the “check engine light on.” (The van Trevi has been driving for the past 3 years).

I had ordered her a 2016 Mazda CX-5 with 68,000 miles on it. It had all the features she had wanted except no sun roof which was something she had always wanted.

The day before the delivery, I was meeting up with my friend from California named Anson Yew. He called and said: “This is kind of random, but do you know someone who might wanna buy a Mazda CX-5?”

I was quite surprised and said: “Well actually I’m buying one and it’s being delivered tomorrow!”

Even still, I got the details and we ended up buying that car instead!

Carvana let me cancel with no penalties or fees!Deborah is now the owner of a 2018 Mazda CX-5 with only 24,000 miles on it, and it has a sunroof! Plus we had saved up enough to pay for this one and not have to finance it like we were with the one I was having delivered!

In life I have discovered that sometimes God gives us little gifts like this to help us know He’s there and trust Him even when the big things we pray for don’t come through.

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