Trevi in Paris Update (Dec. 2021)

Trevi has been in Paris for 4 months!

She lives with Matthieu and his wife Stephanie Koumarianos and their 3 children – Ethan (8), Leah (4), and Adam (2). She’s come to really love the family. Serving as an au pair can certainly be challenging, and she’s been sick off and on quite a bit as many adjusting to a new country might experience.

She’s made some good friends, and she’s becoming more and more fluent in French. In fact, she was even able to have a conversation with a French young adult answering his questions and sharing bout her journey discovering faith in Jesus.

She’s also an intern at their church – Using American Gospel music which is incredibly popular with the secular Parisians, this church has an incredibly unique and effective method of helping people discover faith and grow spiritually in a country where only 3% attend a church on a Sunday.

Trevi Singing “Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)” – Be sure to watch the last 10 seconds to see the crowd!

Matthieu and Trevi – Duet at Rehearsal

Trevi Singing “10000 Reasons (Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul)”

Recently friends of ours from Austin who live in Munich invited her to spend a few days with them! They covered her flights, meals, and were such great hosts during her time with them in Bavaria! Grateful for Robert and Lisa from our Gateway Online campus!


Prayer Support – for safe and smooth travels, financial provision, wisdom and guidance while caring for the children, for spiritual growth while serving with the church, and for help as she studies French and teaches English.

Financial Support – for travel expenses to and from Paris and while in Paris, for groceries, and other expenses that may come up.

Matthieu is a bi-vocational pastor who supports his family as a P.E. teacher and pastor.
All funds donated will help offset expenses the Koumarianos may incur hosting Trevi.
She will be volunteering her time with the family and at the church.


Just for fun, here’s Trevi who does not drink alcohol trying white wine, red wine, and beer for the first time…

Trevi Tries White Wine in France
Trevi Tries Red Wine in France
Trevi Tries Beer in Germany
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