“The Stories We Tell Ourselves” by Erwin McManus

I was so fortunate to be at Mosaic in Los Angeles for 12 1/2 years. Most of that time I was serving on staff. I grew so much and so saw many people find faith and grow in their faith!

One of my favorite messages I have ever heard from Erwin McManus was this past Sunday!

Check out the message above!

Here’s a quick overview:

We tell ourselves stories that shape our lives.

  1. The Victim – see the story of Adam and Eve after falling into temptation. The victim lives in someone else’s story, but he or she does not have to stay there!
  2. The Martyr – see the story Elijah after the confrontation with the prophets of Baal. The martyr believes no one else cares as much as they do.
  3. The Abdicator (the Innocent) – see the story of Pontius Pilate when he washes his hands of responsibility. The abdicator avoids doing any wrong, but also fails to do good.
  4. The Hero – see the story of King Herod after the people considered him a god. The hero believes he can do no wrong and everyone else is in his story.
  5. The Servant – see King David and ultimately Jesus. We should grow to have all of our deepest needs met in our relationship with God so we can serve out of the overflow of that relationship. Followers of Jesus are called to tell ourselves the story of the servant – to die to self.

Which story do you tell yourself the most?

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