The Fruitful Initiative For Your Church

I don’t know what your experience has been at your church, but these last two years have been challenging!

For us, we have moved to simplify what we do, and it has been reinvigorating for us as leaders and for our church family!

We have developed a campaign to help you do the same.

The Fruitful Initiative

This season you can use the Fruitful Initiative to help disciple and mobilize your people:

  • Learn to Hear God’s Voice
  • Overcome Trials
  • Overcome Temptations
  • Become Proactive in their Faith
  • Reconnect in Groups and Serving
  • Reach Out to the Disconnected

This Initiative fits perfectly coming out of Mother’s Day or to kick off the fall in August or September.

The Fruitful Initiative includes a sermon series, small group materials, books, and a workshop designed to mobilize your people using StrengthsFinder, MBTI, the character matrix, and spiritual gifts.

Win Free Resources for Your Church

Through the generosity of donors wanting to help you through this season, we have a free gift for a few churches!

First email me at wanting to try this at their church, you will receive the following to get you started:

  • 4 Sermon Manuscripts
  • 10 copies of Fruitful
  • 1 audiobook of Fruitful
  • Deep Discounts on copies of Fruitful
  • 1 zoom session with Eric Bryant and your staff

Interested in having me speak as part of your message series or help lead your Workshop?
If so, let me know by emailing me at

The Message

Our world needs you to become the person God created you to be.

Jesus told a parable that has been a guide for me over the years and which I think summarizes well my hope for you. 

If you can develop the four characteristics inspired by the parable of the four soils, you will discover your calling and bring about so much good in our broken world. A spiritually receptive, tenacious, intentional, and proactive person will experience the presence and peace of God and have one hundred times the impact.

That is my hope for you and those you love.

This book includes all every believer needs to know to live the life God created us to live.

The Reviews Are In!

“This book will provide practical, encouraging steps to live the life God’s designed you to live!”

“Once again Eric delivers the goods with another great book full of great insights regarding our purpose here on earth and the impact each person can have.”

“This is a book that keeps its eye on the prize of leading a fruitful life, but it’s broken up into actionable chunks that can actually help you get there.”

“Eric has done it again. He writes in an engaging way that communicates clearly and succinctly with humor and grace. The truths he imparts and the wisdom he conveys are timeless.”

Free Consultation

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