The Creative Process (Drive Conference) with Brad Bretz

Insights from The Drive Conference 2022 at North Point in Atlanta:

The creative process is hard.

Doing so at church is even harder.

The creative process is emotional. 

It’s easy to get Lost if you don’t have a map.

How did I get here?

A clear creative process creates a better creative experience and a more consistent creative product. 

This allows space for our team to create and to create really great work!

Develop and nurture a creative process to help our creatives!

Seven Step Creative Process


What is the why and what is the win. Who is this for? Answering these questions leads us to The Creative Brief. This document becomes our North Star.  Example, For the series Investigating Jesus: How We Know and Why We Follow the “why” was “How do we know Jesus is who He claims to be and why should we follow Him?”
North Point is 6 weeks out.
First is the title then a series bumper and promotion assets.


This is the why not how phase. Creative team starts posting ideas in the slack channel for this series.
Then in a meeting all together choose a leader and choose a note taker. Leader pays attention to the energy and the drifts away from the target.
Decide a direction for the look and feel.


Move forward and fail fast. This is where we create and innovate. Cannot innovate if we are not allowed to fail.
First draft of a script or a demo for a song or set inspiration or 2 or 3 ideas for the series graphic.


Not showing a progression of our ideas but casting vision to everyone involved.
“Here’s the problem we are trying to solve and how we want to solve it.”
Keeps us from going too far or too quick.
One color logos is what will be on the screen behind the speaker.
sliders, motion graphics, stills, image for the app
Showing what we are trying to do with grace if we cannot get there.
Sometimes need to go back to ideation or prototype.
Once approved you move to the next step.


This is the stage the filmmakers and designers get to create and shine creatively!!
This includes pre-production and post production as well.

Refine (not redefine)

Make it better (not make it mine).
This builds a culture of trust.
Look at what’s been created through a filter of excellence.
Ask the following:
Is this visually engaging?
Is this beautiful?
Is this technically pure?
Is this emotionally connecting?


Creating the resources for the 8 campuses (each are local churches)

The ideal is engaging in this process from beginning to end.

The real is sometimes we have to skip some steps.

Which step do we skip, spend too much time on, or wish we could lean into more?

Sometimes we just end up doing Discovery and Production and skipping the other steps. 

Creative Project Examples:

Be Rich

An annual generosity campaign 

70 churches involved in this

Why? – make a difference in our communities 

Win? – engaging in our communities

2021 – Be Rich: Give, Serve, Love

Ended up putting up murals all over the city and filming it.

The Unsettling Solution for Just About Everything (series title)

This was about Grace and the Christmas series.

Film, Design, and Campaign

Contract with voice actors and storyboard artists.


What have we done in the past?

What are more of the speeches Dr. King share?

Watched all of the “I Have a Dream” speech which is 18 minutes. 

Took key parts of the team, a color pallete (mood board), and soundtrack for the prototype.

“You are only as creative as you can communicate your idea.” – This can happen with the prototype.

Once approved then wrote the script for the actors.

Pressed in harder and found Dr King was wearing a button. Found the button on eBay and bought it for the film shoot.

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