Personal Integrity by Andy Stanley (Drive Conference)

Insights from Andy Stanley at The Drive Conference 2022 at North Point in Atlanta:

A lack of personal integrity always impacts some other persons.

A single incident of bad can cancel an entire life of good. That’s not fair but it’s true.

Your final moment can outweigh our faithful moments.

Integrity – doing what you ought to even if it costs you. 

Living with integrity will cost you. And it will cost you.

Until it’s tested you won’t know if you have it.

My irresponsibility becomes someone else’s responsibility.

Daniel made up his mind ahead of time. Before he knew the rest of the story with no guaranteed income. 

We know his story now because he made up his mind as a teenager.

One breach of integrity leads to another.

The first breach makes the second beach easier.

The second breach completes a pattern.

Is your character a means to an end or is it actually true integrity.

Every pastor you know forced out of ministry wishes they had they could go back and be true to their conscience when it warned us.

Money, liberty, recognition, and pleasure or a combination of these are 4 of the most common temptations. To get to the finish line you are going to have to say no to these.

Never do anything financially you would not want to have to explain to your congregation – even if it’s legal.

What do you do when you’re certain doing the right thing will cost you?

It depends on what is most important to you. 

This is when we discover if our integrity is disposable or just a means to an end. 

When we forget that God determines outcomes then I am moving into controlling and manipulating and sacrificing our integrity.

Daniel’s primary motive was to do the right thing regardless of the outcome. Doing the right thing was the win. He already won.

That’s the point of the story!!

That’s what it looks to have integrity tied to the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father.

There were no and there are no promised outcomes. 

Obedience to the King is because He’s the King! 

Don’t sign God’s name to promises God never made. 

To win in life and ministry then do what you ought to even if it costs you.

I’m not responsible for outcomes. I’m just responsible to obey.

Following requires us to stop bargaining.

Are we following the King or are we trying to use the King?

Here was the win for Jesus:

“I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.”

That’s my win too!

Daniel prayed every single day because every single day he made up his mind to do the right thing even if it cost him.

We are to daily take up our cross.

Am I willing to do what Gos has called me to do if the only guaranteed outcome is the satisfaction of knowing i did what God has called me to do?

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