Merry Christmas from The Bryants in Austin!

In this Christmas season, we celebrate the God who came to rescue us!

We hope you and yours have a chance to reflect on the highlights from the past year and mourn the tough moments. Life can come at us so fast that we miss the opportunity of processing what we’ve been through.

For us 2022 has included some really amazing moments and some really challenging moments.

Deborah and I visited Trevi as she finished up her 9 months in Paris as a gap year missionary. Together the three of us visited Rome including the Trevi Fountain, the place that inspired us to give her the name. This trip was celebrating my 50th birthday.

This summer Trevi went to the Dominican Republic for 10 days with a group from our church. This fall she moved to Santa Barbara where she is studying Psychology at Westmont College. She is in the choir which has a tour to Japan in May 2023.

Caleb now works with a friend who has a company detailing cars at people’s homes. He’s producing music with friends and involved in the college group at our church. He’s excited to move into an apartment with some friends in just a few days.

Sadly, my Dad passed away in September. We miss him a great deal, but we are grateful for the life he lived. I shared A Tribute to My Dad which includes how to make peace with our parents and shared one of the most miraculous experiences I have ever had. My Mom, brother, and I have been genuinely supported by so many loving family members and friends.

I have continued serving as an Executive Pastor at Gateway in Austin overseeing the Inspire team and the South Austin campuses. It is a real privilege to serve with such amazing people who are so faithful and so effective in creating a loving community that brings hope and life to others. I am also now the Online Campus Pastor. If you are disconnected from church. searching spiritually, or wanting to grow in your faith, join us at on Sundays at 9:15am or 11:15am CST!

With my non-profit, we continue to equip and empower church leaders in our increasingly post-Christian world. In my free time, I interview guests for The Post-Christian Podcast, work on my next book, coach church planters and campus pastors. In 2023 I will be traveling to India to train pastors with John Burke, to Greece visiting where the apostle Paul traveled, and on a Fruitful book tour to some Christian colleges and a few churches.

Trevi and I were in The Chosen at the beginning of the scene at the Sermon on the Mount which ends season two and begins season three! Pics and Videos Here. If you haven’t started watching The Chosen, you absolutely should do so! Season One is on Netflix!

Deborah went back to work as an Occupational Therapist. She’s great at helping these kids make progress and giving the parents more hope and the tools they need.

Deborah and I went to Disneyland and Santa Barbara for her 50th birthday. It’s an odd experience to have a vacation with just the two of us again now that the kids are young adults. 

In 2023, I wanted to invite you to join me in something that will be stretching for some and rewarding for all – regardless of where you may be in your spiritual. 

Read through the New Testament with me in 2023! 
Just one chapter a day, 5 days a week.

I will be sharing insights and ideas for each chapter via social media. Follow me via one of the channels below:

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