“Structures, Systems and Spiritual” with Chris Hodges (Grow Leader Regional)

We all need to pursue Mentors and Models.

3 Beliefs We Need to Have:

1. I believe my church can grow.

“Be fruitful and multiply” is not just about having children. It is about getting what is in us to the next generation.

2. I believe my growth potential is different from yours.

Compare yourself with what God has called me to do.

3. I believe we can all get better.

Be careful to avoid coming up with excuses of why we are not growing.

“Stop trying to get bigger. Let’s start getting better.” – S. Truett Cathy of. Chick-Fil-A

12 Action Statements:

Before there was a Temple, there was a portable church called the Tabernacle.
When God moved, the people were ready to move with Him. The Merarites got the heavy items of the tabernacle. The Gershonites got the coverings. The Kohathites got the furniture. (Numbers 3:36-37)

You cannot build a great church unless you have all three of these: Structures, Systems (what you see, what delivers the vision), and the Spiritual.


This requires the least amount of maintenance if you do it right in the first place. About 20% of the churches working with Grow struggle with this area.

Clear Vision and Clear Values

Measure numbers of people coming to Christ (getting saved), people in groups (getting pastored), people in discipleship, and people serving.

Know why you exist. Know your values because values determine culture.


Solid leadership teams.

It is critical to have healthy governance, staff, and volunteer leaders. You are a whole lot better pastor when you have a healthy team.

Healthy finances.

Learn to handle the funds appropriately and effectively. Learn how to communicate to your donors.

Sound doctrine.

There are too many churches that have abandoned the Scriptures.


A system is a set of principles and procedures that determine how something is accomplished.

“Your systems are perfectly designed to get the results you are currently getting.”

– Stephen Covey

The E-Myth explains that you can have the best idea and never make a dime. The key is how you deliver your great idea.

The systems deliver your vision. Too often we love our systems more than our vision. Bringing God to people should be our vision and our priority!

There is often a disconnect between the vision and the systems. The right system is the one that works. 50% of the churches working with Grow are not using systems that will ever deliver their vision. You don’t have to use Church of the Highlands systems, but whatever you do use systems that will work.

Success is when people are moving on the spiritual journey that God has for them. From lost to leading.

  • God wants lost people saved. Know God.
  • God wants saved people pastored. Find freedom.
  • God wants pastored people discipled. Discover purpose.
  • God wants discipled people mobilized. Make a difference.

“The two best days of your life are the day you were born and they day you discover why.”

– Mark Twain

Mazlov’s highest need was self-actualization. Sociologists studied this and moved this to the 7th need. Instead, they described the greatest need is to

You cannot get to where you want to be without God.

Create weekend services that lost people love to attend. (Know God)

Small groups where people can experience community, find freedom, and grow. (Find Freedom)

Do not give up on groups. Groups are part of God’s plan. People need community.

A Growth Track where people can connect to a local church and discover their spiritual gifts. (Discover Purpose)

A Dream Team where people can serve on a team connected with their dream – not my dream. (Make a Difference)


This cannot be overlooked! About 30% of the churches working with Grow struggle with this area. God has favorites, but we get to decide if we are one.

The Holy Spirit can be quenched or grieved.

This is setting up the “furniture” so the Spirit is welcome.


You cannot preach with God’s anointing and watch that or listen to that. Grapple with how much of the secular you allow in your life. Take this seriously. See 1 Corinthians 2-3 about the spiritual vs. the unspiritual and then ends with a mixture of the two.


This is not just about music. It’s an intense focus on Jesus where you do not even know what is happening on the stage. Too many worship leaders are trying to draw attention to themselves.

“The perfect church service would be one we were unaware of. We would be so focused on God.”

– C.S. Lewis

The Word of God

We read it. We preach it. We live by it.


For more “On Prayer” by Chris Hodges. There has never been a revival without prayer from the outset.

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