Mark 6 – Do You Miss the Miraculous Because of the Familiar?

Back in his hometown, Jesus was rejected because they knew him as a carpenter and knew his family.

The disciples were more frustrated after Jesus fed thousands of people than they were excited.

We can miss the miraculous or even miss the joy of a miracle when we take for granted what we have.

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This episode was filmed in India where those who follow Jesus are sharing about the One True God to people who believe in many gods much like the Christians in Rome that Mark was writing.


Mark 6 Notes:

In Mark 6, Jesus is back in his hometown and it does not go well. Not too far back his family had said Jesus was out of his mind, now his hometown lacked faith in spite of all they heard Jesus had been doing in the surrounding towns! To top it all off, we discover Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist had been beheaded.

Jesus says a prophet is not without honor except around the people who know him. 

The people ended up missing out on the miraculous because Jesus was too familiar.

If you grew up in a christian church but walked away, it could be that Jesus has been too familiar to you. Or maybe you’ve never connected with God personally through Jesus, but you think you understand enough because of your experience with Christians or what you’ve seen about Christianity in the news. In either case, you are in danger of missing out if you think you know all there is to know. 

The disciples were even guilty of missing out on the joy of the miracle of Jesus feeding 5000 men plus the women and children! Even after they had gone out in small groups healing the sick and casting out demons, it says their hearts were hardened because of the feeding of the 5000. 

Were they frustrated that Jesus wouldn’t get rid of the crowds? Maybe they wanted more time with him to debrief?

Or were they frustrated that Jesus asked them to feed them with their own money?

We can miss the miraculous or even miss the joy of a miracle when we take for granted what we have.

Let God reveal himself to you. Ask him for a fresh perspective and help hearing his words in a new way.

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