Chosen When I Was Overlooked

At Gateway Church in Austin we continued our series called Chosen.

When Jesus showed up in people’s lives in the Gospels, something shifted. The same is true today. When we radically encounter who God really is, in the greatest way possible, nothing is ever the same. God will stop at nothing to show you that you are chosen like he did with a woman who was an outcast.

Work through the following questions and scriptures on your own, and get together with your running partner, life group, or friends and family to talk through what you are learning. 

Digging Deeper

This week, Dr. Clarence Hill, Jr. of Stronger Together and author of Race to Jesus and Dream Clock shared.



Message Outline:

John 4:35-36               subtitle – The Harvest

  • Today is an opportunity
  • How do we see what God wants us to see – By lifting our eyes. (This means looking above circumstances and the cares of life.)
  • Where do we look to see what God wants us to see? – By looking to the fields. (This means understanding who we are called to reach.)

Matthew 28:18-20      subtitle – “Go and Make Disciples of all the Nations”

  • The Nations – the “ethnos”
  • Go – what does this mean for us today?
  • Make Disciples – Understanding the difference between disciple-making and conversion so we may fully engage with God’s plans for others and the local Church

John 4:1-9                   subtitle – Us and Them

  • 4v4 (An Example of “Go”) Jesus went through Samaria
  • 4v7  What are the social laws between us and them (or Jews and Samaritans)
  • 4v9 “No dealings” – addressing rejection

Matthew 5:9-12          subtitle – Who is blessed?

  • 5v9 – The blessing of peacemakers – division is our opportunity to show God’s love
  • 5v10 – The blessing of doing right even if it costs you
  • 5v11-12 – The joy that cannot be broken (does not come from things nor from safety)

Matthew 5:46-47        subtitle – How do we respond to them?

  • God’s scoreboard – Doing more than loving those who love you
  • God’s scoreboard – Greeting and being kind to more than  just your friends
  • Who is your neighbor? Who is your them?
  • Will you answer the call to live uncomfortably by breaking social walls and loving those outside of your world of comfort?
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