The BLESS Challenge (Through the Book of Acts)

The BLESS Challenge includes connecting with God through the Book of Acts and looking for ways to love, serve, and BLESS others.

1. Read through Acts Pray: “God, show me what you have for me today.”
Read the chapter.
Listen to the Spirit of God as you read.
You may have thoughts that are from him on ways to apply what you are reading or questions to dive into more.
Watch the video devotional from the Gateway Leaders.
Write down how you sense God wants you to apply what you read in the comments or in your journal.

2. BLESS others Ask for wisdom on how to BLESS your family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, and even the strangers God might bring into your life.

BLESS is an acronym for reaching out to a specific person. Come up with 2 or 3 that you know who do not follow Jesus.


Begin with prayer – try to pray for them daily
Listen – look for opportunities to hear how to be praying for them and even express that to them when the time is right
Engage – spend time with them.
Share a meal. Invite them over.
Serve – look for ways to help them as you might discover specific ways to do that in your conversations or in your time praying for them.
Share your story – after hearing their story, they are far more likely to be willing to hear your story of finding faith.

God may also lead you to ask your waitress how you can pray for her, buy a coffee for a stranger at Starbucks, pray for healing for a person at the store, share your faith with the telemarketer, and so on!

Just let God guide you!

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