Acts 4 – Who are you hanging out with? by Amber Andrade

When people look at your life, who do they say you spend time with? Would they say the news or social media? Would they mention a politician’s name? Would they mention Hollywood or Game of Thrones? 

In Acts 4 we read about two men who were known to have hung out with Jesus. In fact, they had spent so much time being with Jesus that their lives reflected that of Him in how they talked AND how they walked. We find that even their accusers recognized that and that was only from “word on the street.” 

In chapter 4, Peter and John are talking to people about Jesus and they demonstrate the reality and power of His Spirit in chapter 3 when a 40yr old man who was lame from birth is miraculously healed. 

Because the religious leaders want nothing to do with Jesus, they try to stop Peter and John from speaking but Peter and John’s response was “should we listen to you or to God? We can’t help but share what we’ve seen and heard!” 

Then when they are released, Peter and John go back to their “church family” and share all that happened with the religious leaders who tried to stop them from sharing the good news about Jesus. 

The people then began to pray and they pray hard! They actually ask God for MORE boldness, MORE miracles, MORE demonstrations of God’s Kingdom to come so that people will know AND experience the good news of salvation and transformation through Jesus Christ. 

Then in the last part of this chapter we see something so beautiful! The family of God experiences such a beautiful unity around their love for Jesus, so deeply that they also pour out that love for one another and make sure no one was in need among them. 

Who are you hanging out with? Try hanging with Jesus for a while and see how even your enemy can’t deny nor destroy what God does in your heart and life.

When reading this passage what stood out to you?

How do you sense God may want you to apply what you discovered?

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