Acts 15 – How Jewish Do You Have to Be to Follow a Jewish Messiah? with Julia Carlisle (Gateway North Austin)

A significant meeting takes place among early Christian leaders. Some are teaching that non-Jewish believers need to follow Jewish customs, such as circumcision, in order to be saved. This causes confusion and controversy within the early Christian community. The apostles and elders gather in Jerusalem to address this issue.

During the meeting, the apostle Peter spoke, affirming that God accepts non-Jewish believers by giving them the Holy Spirit, just as He had done with the Jewish believers. Paul and Barnabas share stories of how God has worked among the Gentiles through their ministry. James, the leader of the Jerusalem church, concludes the discussion by suggesting that they should not burden the Gentile believers with unnecessary regulations but instead give them basic guidelines to follow such as to abstain from certain pagan practices, such as idol worship, sexual immorality, and eating meat sacrificed to idols.

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