Acts 18 – What Do You Do When You Are Asked to Stay? with Jeff Stapleton (Gateway Austin)

Have you ever been walking out the door to go home and accidentally said “yes” to that “real quick question” at and now you’re an hour late for dinner? Have you ever said “yes” to that dinner party, but its been 4 hours, but nobody else seems ready to leave?

We all get caught off guard when our “yes” turns into something complicated. We want to be a team player, a good friend, a person devoted to the cause..I want to be this person…but I know I find myself trying to get out of my ‘yes’.

If you’ve been tracking with us, we see that Apostle Paul’s life has been a series of “yeses.”, That seem to follow a pattern – teach – change a few lives – make the rest of the town angry – get beaten – jailed – released then sent somewhere new.. He lives in this powerful but beautifully chaotic rhythm

In Chapter 18, Paul goes to the city Corinth and the regular rhythm starts to play out. He has taught, some have changed their lives, but he knows whats next – the beatings, jailings, and the call to go to a new city.

But in verse 9, that rhythm changes

“One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision and told him, ‘Don’t be afraid! Speak out! Don’t be silent! For I am with you, and no one will attack and harm you, for many people in this city belong to me.’ So Paul stayed there for a year and a half, teaching the word of God!”

What happened when God asked Paul to stay?

If you read the whole chapter, Paul finds community – He becomes lifelong friends with future church leaders,
His mission really takes off – He finds many influential people who begin to follow Jesus and become the backbone of the new church.

Not only is Paul’s life changed, but the church is changed because he was asked to stay and said “yes”

We may not be early apostles, but God might be asking you to stay. Think today, where is God asking me to stay? It may be tough, but you might be surprised where your “yes” takes you.

When reading this passage what stood out to you?

How do you sense God may want you to apply what you discovered?

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