Romans 11 – Do You Look Down On Others?

Paul addresses the relationship between Israel and the Gentiles in God’s redemptive plan. He begins by asking if God has rejected His people, referring to the Israelites. He emphatically declares that God has not rejected them, explaining that he himself is an Israelite and a follower of Jesus Christ. Paul presents the idea that there is a remnant of Israel, a faithful group chosen by God’s grace, who continue to follow Him.

Paul explains that just as God preserved a remnant of faithful Israelites, He has also extended His grace to the Gentiles. He warns against boasting or looking down on others, as both Jews and Gentiles are dependent on God’s mercy and grace.

Paul speaks of a temporary hardening that has come upon a part of Israel, allowing the gospel to be preached to the Gentiles. However, he affirms that this hardening is not permanent and that God has a plan to bring salvation to all Israel.

Paul expresses how amazing is the depth of God’s wisdom and knowledge and reminds us that God’s ways are beyond human understanding, and all things point towards his greatness.

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