1 Corinthians 9 – Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Others?


Paul defends his apostleship and reminds the Corinthians that as an apostle he has the right to receive material support from the believers. However, he willingly forfeits this right to avoid causing any stumbling blocks.

Paul presents various examples to illustrate the legitimacy of pastors receiving support for their work. He refers to the rights of soldiers, vineyard workers, and those who serve in the temple. He explains that if those in secular occupations receive compensation, it is even more reasonable for those engaged in spiritual work, such as pastoring the church, to be supported.

Paul uses his own example to emphasize the importance of his ministry and his commitment to sharing the message of Jesus. He highlights that he has made himself a servant to all, adapting to different cultural and social contexts to reach as many people as possible with the message of Christ. He does this out of a deep passion for others.

Paul further explains that he disciplines himself and denies his own desires for the sake of his ministry. He compares his ministry to a race and emphasizes the need for self-control and perseverance in order to attain the ultimate prize, the imperishable crown.

Finally, Paul encourages the Corinthians to learn from his example and follow his lead. He urges them to run the race of faith with determination and discipline, not being entangled by worldly distractions. He emphasizes the need for spiritual focus and self-sacrifice in order to effectively serve and advance Jesus’ Kingdom.

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