1 Corinthians 16 – Are You Willing to Stand Firm in Your Faith?

Paul provides instructions to the Corinthians regarding the collection for the saints in Jerusalem. He encourages them to set aside a portion of their income each week, according to their ability, to support the needs of the believers in Jerusalem.

He discusses his travel plans, indicating that he intends to visit Corinth after passing through Macedonia. He expresses his desire to spend some time with the Corinthians, and he encourages them to make preparations for his visit.

Paul mentions the presence of Timothy, one of his trusted companions, who may join the Corinthians and provide support in their time of need. He asks the Corinthians to treat Timothy well and send him back to Paul without any trouble.

He also mentions Apollos, another respected teacher, and informs the Corinthians of his intention to visit them at a later time, should the opportunity arise.

Paul concludes the letter by encouraging the Corinthians to be watchful, stand firm in their faith, and exhibit strength and maturity in all their actions. He exhorts them to do everything in love and extends greetings from various individuals who are with him.

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