2 Corinthians 4 – Do You Ever Lose Heart?


Paul talks about the ministry of spreading the message of Jesus. The message of Christ’s love and salvation is valuable, but it is carried by imperfect and fragile human beings, symbolized by the jars of clay.

Paul acknowledges that those who spread this message may face hardships and difficulties. They may encounter persecution, trials, and discouragement, but he emphasizes that the power of God shines through these weaknesses. Despite the challenges, the hope and light of Jesus continue to be revealed to people.

When people reject the message of Jesus, they are rejecting Jesus not the messengers. Unbelievers face spiritual attack. They are blinded. This reminds us to pray they may see the light, and they are not the enemy. Instead, spiritual darkness that comes from dark spiritual powers are the enemy.

Paul explains that the focus should not be on the messengers themselves, but on the greatness of God. He highlights the importance of faith and trusting in God’s strength to sustain them through the struggles. He encourages believers not to lose heart but to keep their eyes fixed on eternal things, knowing that the temporary troubles of this world are far outweighed by the eternal glory that awaits them with Jesus.

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