2 Corinthians 6 – Are You Willing to Be Authentic?


Paul addresses the importance of living as authentic followers of Christ. He urges believers not to waste the grace of God by continuing in sinful behavior or compromising their faith. Instead, he encourages them to be genuine in their actions and attitudes, even in the face of hardships and trials.

Hypocrisy is saying you are a follower of Jesus but not living anything like Jesus. Not only do you not change how you are acting, you don’t change how you do business or with whom you do business. People who follow Jesus need to live more like Jesus and do business in a way that honors Jesus.

Paul emphasizes that as servants of God, believers should display patience, kindness, and love, even when they face persecution or are misunderstood by others. He reminds them that God’s grace and salvation are available to them right now, and they should not delay in accepting His love and forgiveness. Paul also warns against being unequally yoked with unbelievers, advising believers to surround themselves with people who share their faith and values.

The apostle describes the challenges he and his companions have faced in their ministry, including suffering and persecution. However, they have persevered through the power of God’s Spirit, demonstrating the truth of their faith through their endurance and love for others.

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